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20130526-205943.jpgyou are starting to call for the shower, rather than a bath. Last night I was in charge and a shower-bath it was… Good for sore lungs… Was very tricky convincing you to hop out.


A clever mama-friend told us about her favourite spot for swimming with kids on hot days – under the pier. Genius! Shady and cool, same old water and sand to play in, and its easy to step into the sun (if required on a 32 degree day) if need be to warm up. The past two days we’ve gone to Flinders with Maggie for a swim for the stinky hot last two hours before dinner, bath and bed. We’ve all been a lot happier for it.
Being the second afternoon in a row, you recognised where we were when we arrived and pulled on your swim ring as soon as your nappy was off. (I did pull you back and put your rashy-shorts on). You have totally mastered water with this floating ring around your waist. You can run really fast, as deep as your chest, you can power along in shallows in the floating with feet on ground position, and you hold it up and run on land, like a hovercraft. (A little bit like a hovercraft)



You are doing ‘down face dog’ quite a bit, these days. I think it’s a sleepy position.