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You aren’t very keen on the cafe-culture or babachinos… After trying to tempt you with choc, marshmallow, spoon and whatnot, your dad convinced you to sip a little from the saucer, saying, “This is how your grandpa used to drink his tea”.
I didn’t have the camera with me, but The Green Olive is particularly beloved for its big in-ground trampoline and dogs Rasa and Ingrid, who bring the ball back to you.


It’s a bit tricky keeping you off this table at the moment. It’s been HOT, so making the most of cooler mornings by eating brekkie outside. At this point you were done with eating and were offering it to the horses.





Luka, you’ve got a lot of admiration from your little brother Finn and cousin Skipper. Five medals from little aths is VERY impressive!



20130225-225113.jpgoh, yoghurt face. Everything was going swimmingly, for a while there. You were eating like champ with your spoon… Until you remembered it is MUCH more fun scooping up handfuls of yoghurt and having lots of bits to lick it off, (with fingers to spare for furry friends).

This afternoon a longed-for cool change rolled in, so I thought we’d go to the park, rather than the beach. Alas, Maggie found some human poo to roll in… I tried to wash her under tap water, but the disgusting smell lingered, and to the beach we went. You were sucking on a fruit snack up the beach while I was washing her in the water, until you joined us… It was knee deep for me, mid chest for your fully clothed self :-/
You two sure get pesky, some afternoons.

You put your hat on yourself. Jaunty angle, Skip.

20130225-225930.jpgMags showed you the exciting underworld below the play equipment, today.

Aviary edit of pic on my phone. I’m locked out of my computer, thus lost access to my ‘real’ photos.


Out for a weekend breakfast and a walk at Somers. (Noting this MAY have been taken in a different day to the date posted). Climbing on the chainsaw carvings, looking out at the world.

When my computer lets me talk to it again I’ll have to include the picture of one of the loveliest caravan-trucks around which I took that day. I do love that people still live a gypsy life (complete with crystals, palm readings, a dog and a cat).


plinky plonky

plinky plonky

what were we thinking, wearing clothes to the beach!

what were we thinking, wearing clothes to the beach!


Conveniently out of bread, milk and eggs, we ate out in red hill this morning. You are off your food a bit at the moment (teething) but the blueberries and raspberries from atop my pancakes went down very well, thank you very much. Blueberries, particularly frozen blueberries, have long been your favourite food. Smiley and Grumpy brought us a big bag of frozen berries from their local farm. You consumed to all over three months. Good thing they are a ‘superfood’. 🙂


I just had to add this picture of you collapsing with laughter because you were so funny ignoring me when I called you over to put a top on. You love your life.