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20130322-200133.jpg Ooooohhhh, it was a tough choice between beautiful portraits of you today. The mirror kiss won, because you do it a lot and the way your smiling eyes met mine.
I also adore this shot of you in your knitted overalls (which it was almost cold enough for.



Holding hands with Isaac at steiner playgroup, with very pregnant Sophie. You love holding hands with tour fSuch a beautiful boy x

Walks have been creeping closer and closer to the beach on these beautiful days. But, sigh, we’re still not allowed to get Maggie’s tail wet…. 20130320-204841.jpg20130320-204919.jpgTug of war shot… You are trying on everything your ‘people’ do and say at the moment, including using your mouth for frantic licking, or playing, a la Maggie. 🙂
20130320-204932.jpg Contender for stick insect of the week.

Aviary edit of pic on my phone. I’m locked out of my computer, thus lost access to my ‘real’ photos.

You are so small against the big pines at Shoreham. So much wonderment when you discovered clouds for the first time day. Made for a very slow walk with lots of upward pointing and exclaiming.


This is going to be my song of love. a year-long letter to you, Skipper Jim Tenzin Jones. I take at least a photo a day of you, my beautiful one year old boy, so uploading images will be a way to make sense of so many photos and a record of this year, 2013.

Thank you to the wonderful inspiration of Georgia Brizuela and her documenting delight blog.

Today we took a forest walk, to take advantage of Dad’s time home with us over Christmas. Maggie stayed home, having had a morning swim already (and because its no dogs allowed). Dad, you and I walked the King’s Canyon loop. You walked most of it yourself, hand in hand or trotting off on your own. Skip, your Dad and I are constantly looking at each other amazed and delighted by your tenacity, energy and hilarious sense of humour. You imitate the kookaburra’s call, sing your own songs and drum on the trees as you pass by. You grunt loudly or say “upp-pah!” With every tricky step up or down you have to take, only reaching for a hand if you can’t make it on your own.

You have a mind of your own, Skip, and love adventuring. You amuse us with your passive resistance, flopping down like a sack when we try to lead you back onto the path. Although the past few days you are quicker to anger after a feisty Christmas break with your older cousin. We are hoping to bring you back your easy going nature very quickly!

A kookaburra watched us watching him.


Too many ‘down’ steps and we got a little impatient, so the occasional shoulder ride was required.

Nearly there.