Why am I here? (Blog-wise)

This blog, this year, is a day by day attempt to document a moment of delight in my life, usually (though I shan’t promise always) involving my son Skip, often accompanied by our beautiful Maggie.

Since Skip’s birth (14 months ago : now being Jan 2013) I’ve been taking a CRAZY amount of photos, some on camera and most on my iPhone… most messaged to family, all of whom live a little bit far away. This seems like a much more sensible way to justify capturing half of Skip’s life through a lens (poor kid!).

I am Kate Jones (sometimes still Perry), Skip’s mum. I am Simon’s wife, and I am also a creative arts therapist, who used to be a journalist, who always wanted to be a photographer.

I will try to not always pick the most beautiful image, choosing instead one that represents today, somehow. I will also try (though I haven’t succeeded yet) to choose just one image. Eh, maaaaybe.

Thanks for stopping by to visit.